L          Y          R          I          C          S
Т          Е          К          С          Т          Ы



- obZen -
No more ifs, no bias, no ambiguity
No wondering wether this is it
Clarity so brightly shining
The image so painfully absolute
No edges blurred on this awareness
No unknown weight to tip the knowledge scales
Eyes dilated to grasp it all
As every illusion of what we are fails
An unquestionable picture - determined, complete
It's chrystalline lines untouched by doubt
So vivid, so deprived of hesitation
Shining in its evil splendor
The burning hatred of man
A million degrees on display
Human voracity delineated
The demons in us all by fumes portrayed
Stare, see, take in, grasp
Comprehend, assimilate, behold your reflection
It's framing - Gold plated lies
The canvas - Hurting souls caught and weaved
The artist - The human dream
incinerated, devoured, deceived
Electric Red
Humanity peeled from our bones
Deprived of integuments that make us real
Shadows of flesh to maintain the system
Our own blood splashes as we kneel
So meticulously machined
into these obedient devices
- Puppets, finetuned submissive drones
Replicas of each other, clones
We're dormant accumulations of flesh
in a crimson filtered twilight
Mute witnesses to the game
Wrenches to keep the bolts of lies tight
We're the fabric concealing the stains
the red tainted existence
The gullibles to bless your sins away
Rags to wipe your blooded trails
Our minds give in to the atrophy,
to the twining of self-thought knowledge
The purpose of the human mind reviled
Everlasting ignorance realized
The scarlet flood inundates our powerless thoughts
Defenseless minds with lies overfed
Every thought stained, defiled
- Painted the color, the shade of electric red
Beams of fire sweep through my head
Thrusts of pain increasingly engaged
Sensory receptors succumb
I am no one now - Only agony
My crimson liquid so frantically spilled
- the ruby fluid of life unleashed
Ripples ascend to the surface of my eyes
Their red pens drawing at random, at will
A myriad pains begotten in their wake
- The bastard spawn of a mutinous self
The regurgitation of my micro nemesis
- Salivating red at the prospect of my ruin, my doom
Malfunction the means for its ascent
Bloodletting the stringent voice to beckon my soul
So futile any resisting tension
As death-induced mechanics propel its growth
The implement, the device of my extinction
- The terminating clockwork of my gleeful bane
The definitive scourge of its mockery
- The end-art instruments lethality attained
Heed - it commands. Heed my will
Bleed - it says. Bleed you will
Falling into the clarity of undoing
Scornful gods haggle for my soul
Minds eye flickers and vellicates as I let go
Taunting whispers accompany my deletion
A sneering grin, the voice of my reaper
- Chanting softly the song of depletion
The void clenches its determined jaws
A lethargic, careless motion to kill
Monstrous, prodigous, indifferent
Slow and deliberate its torturous skills
Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all - Dense and inert
Its design perfected through aeons
Pure, immaculate, clean. Omnicidal God/Machine
Calm, precise ambition
Untroubled by the roar of unending screams,
the droning blare of absolute doom
- The downpitched moan of collapsing dreams
Composed, cold, unconditional
Uncompromising til all is death
Extinction, ruin - Its malicious cause
til the last exhalation of human breath
A state of perfection. Immersed in filth
Equilibrium obtained
Pure in devotion to all things unwell
This sweet Zen of our ill conition sustained
A new belief-system
Salvation found in vomit and blood
Where depravation, lies
corruption, war and pain is God
Harmony found in the sickly, the vile
Unflinching eyes, joyous and gleeming
Intense in their need to watch things die
A new belief-system
Salvation found in vomit and blood
Where depravation, lies
corruption, war and pain is God
Decay. Disgrace. Disgust - Our state of Zen
The grime of contempt and degeneration,
sticky, foul and pungent
- The sediment of our creation
We flourish in this bloodred soil
This Spiteful Snake
Reality - This spiteful snake,
rearing its ugly head
Venom dripping from its grin
as it tosses yet another obstacle in our way
If given a thousand years to collect,
to process, to portray
- We could never encompass the voracity
of one single day
Trapping us in its winding,
its closing malignant cycles
A tightening coil to bind us,
hold us tight in unforgiving embrace
Its all-engulfing jaws - Infinite, boundless
Biting down on the dying flesh of hope
Its fiery breath levelling, dismantling,
flattening, tearing down the structures of our dreams
Overcome, defeated
Terrified, shivering, mute
Reality is terror - This truth is absolute
Reality - This spiteful snake
- Shedding its smothering veil
- A shroud to asphyxiate,
exterminate, eradicate
Pineal Gland Optics
How come I shiver, hurt and bleed,
if in dreams I cannot truly feel
Who would dare say, who would claim
this hallucination isn't real
Synaptical glitch looking glass
So enticing, real and free of lies
Prodigious, omnifarious
It nourishes, it feeds my starving eyes
Artificial the catalyst. Organic its progeny
Voracious spectral ofspring - So sweet in its hunger
Unbound this new vision. Optical regenesis
So threatening, so complete in beautiful deformity
These authoritive visions order my collective senses,
my questioning, doubtful, rigid self to kneel
A Judas syndrome in effect - Former self the deceiver
Its denial the wretched kiss that kept this in disguise
Cast off - The conceiling veil, the rational cloak of doubt
Torn off - The restraints, the blinded's shackles
Burned away - The agony, the fear, the grief
A new set of eyes cleansed by a new belief
Drooling floods of led
Armed with distorded belief
Sharp munition spat from our minds
Malignancy-rounds, automatic fire
Black, acidic bile
Seeping wounds of shattered souls
Still not pissing out fast enough
to quench our thirst for it to bleed us dry
Vile, ever-menacing intent
Repulsive belligerance shot from toxic minds
Blatant disregard for all but self
Proudly flaunting the depravity of a race condemned, malign
Iterate. Repeat these my words
Recite the mantra of late:
- I will corrupt and impair
Vitiate, dispirit, debase, violate
Soul born with hateful intent
The deceitful spawn, descendants of lies
By the poisoned nails of history stung
If granted the will to injure
If granted the will to harm
- The blades of hurt inexhaustibly swung
Dancers To A Discordant System
Listen to the hidden tune
- The essence of lies in notes defined
As we dance to the dissonant sway
- The choreography refined
Will subdued and shackled
Reason washed aside
Pledging our love to the chains
Our ignorance ever-amplified
Blooded hands lead the waltz
We're trapped in the out of tune swirl
Still we set the show on continue mode
and dance to a discordant system
We accept the nails we're fed
- Lies sharpened to bleed us silent
Muted from the pains
Defiance employed in vain
Any attempts to leave the dance,
invisibly suppressed
Questions unasked, we learn the steps
- Eyes shut like all the rest
Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a covert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter - We don't see that we're but dust
Committed to a lie we cannot see, cannot know nor comprehend
We're all asinine drones kept in the dark, kept in line
Confident, bereft of reason.
Withering in toxicity
- The deadly fumes of deceit
And we all reek of complicity
Humbled, brought to our knees
by the weight of our own guilt
Our nescient ways the catalyst
to injustice and inhumanity
We dance - To appease
Compete in stupidity
Obscured faces file our points
- Numbers fed to the machine
Still we stand in line for the next show
The human spine liquefied
What are we, but stupefied
dancers to a discordant system
We believe - So we're mislead
We assume - So we're played
We confide - So we're deceived
We trust - So we're betrayed
Catch Thirtythree
- Catch Thirtythree -
Autonomy Lost
 Reaching for the inner bright, the very essence-sun of my dreaming bliss
Guided by a fear blinded outside all shades of the perfect black
Imprint Of The Un-Saved
 The scattered jigsaw of my redemption laid out before my eyes
Each piece as amorphous as the other – Each piece in its lack of shape a lie
 Me – the paragon of fear, an immobile skein of tangled nerves exposed
Hastily clawing my way into the darkest of my inner scenes of torture

I stay my breath to escape this slavery
I stay my breath to re-awake and face it encore
The struggle to free myself of restraints, becomes my very shackles
The Paradoxical Spiral
Non-physical smothering. Asphyxiation by oxygen hands
Drowning in the endless sky. An ever-downward dive, only to surface
the sewage of indecision, on which all sense of self is afloat
The vortex-acceleration a constant. Resolute in purpose its choking flow
My ignorance cast in the mold of all things absolute
I sustain forever my gaze. A stare fixed on the distant oblivion
Resting in the inverted state of being dead, non-sensory matter
As all the earth, the wind, the fire, the sea behold and learn to pity me
Mutiny of self. Insurrection games convincingly performed
Incapacitated by physical thoughts acting out the will of tendon and bone
Have the bridges of insanity been crossed and forever retracted?
Am I standing among a thousand selves? Is the multitude of laughters mine alone?
Mind's Mirrors
The feeding frenzy of my starving soul, gnawing voraciously at the bones,
the exo-skeletal patchwork protecting my own reflection within;
The twin-and-same engaged in the mirrored act of chewing away
at the shell of my attacking self. The paradox unseen

Treacherous this deceit to make no choice matter
To have and yet lose yourself, until finally all reasons why are forgotten
To live through ones own shadow. Mute and blinded, is to really see
Eclipse the golden mirror and the reflection is set free
In Death - Is Life
So imminently visible – this cloaked innocent guilt
Sentenced to a lifetime, a second of structured chaos
Trampled by the ferocious, raging crowds of solitude
I’m the soil beneath me soaking up the sustenance of my own death

Extradited to the gods of chance, the deities of all things random
Alive, multicolored, twitching in their dead monochrome world
In Death - Is Death
Iridescent to the searhing eyes, I’m all things vivid in a world of grey
So easily spotted, so easily claimed in this domain where all is prey

My thoughts a radiant beacon to the omnidirectional hunter-god radar
I’m a markerlight of flesh to these subconscious carnivores
I am them. I am teeth. I’m their arousal at the kill
Feasting on self. A schizoreality warp. The contradiction fulfilled

Focus the only means to see me back to life’s unending swirl
A reversal of passing away, as the world of dead, as away is now my origin
I float through physical thoughts. I stare down the abyss of organic dreams
All bets off, I plunge - Only to find that self is shed
Personae Non Gratae
A lie to maintain equilibrium, to hold me in this dead realm – this last ever dream
I’m the thought that never crossed my mind – disguised in the evident. Forever unredeemed
A new level reached, where the absence of air lets me breathe
I’m inverted electrical impulses. A malfunctioning death-code incomplete
All things before me, at first unliving glimpse undeciphered
Its semantics rid of logic. Nothing is all. All is contradiction

Grinding, churning – the sweetest ever noises
Decode me into their non-communication
A soundtrack to my failure, one syllable, one vowel

A stagnant flow of endings. Un-time unbound. Merging to form the multi-none
A sickly dance of matter, malignantly benign. Greeting the chasm – unbearable, sublime
Vision will blind. Severance ties. Median am I. True are all lies
I Lyrics
- I -
  I - this fractal illusion burning away all structure toward the obscene
I - to cleanse, to purge, to breach eternity and smother all life
Blind - these mortal men of clay, divine and dying in their harnessed form
I - this furnace of limitless hate. Bestial, pure

The pendulum swings semi-attached to the centre of all
I drug these minds into ruin and contempt - the acid smoke of burning souls

This is an anomaly. Disabled. What is true?
Not destined for incarceration. I crave my nothingness

This illness that they whisper of, is that what makes me fail?
I see through the eyes of the blind
Not clear what it is to be this self I dread, the immense, the rabid I am
The cogs turn, grinding away at ceaselessness - willing it to dust

Re-desintegration. Convulse. A dead universe - Impales this twilight
Fear aligns. Sadistic me. Meant to devour. Despair
Sickened by the fact that immortality is not mine to have

A snail along a straight razor - dividing itself through motion
I charge this feeble product of god
Laughing, drenched in the bile of millions
Chewing on the stinking flesh of the crown of creation

Solitude in splendor has been rivalled
Shrouds stained with tarblack vomit
Veiling the rotting eyes of the masses
The strain of armageddon evolves

Shifting through worlds from chaos, to chaos, to chaos
I devour this manure of existence - infertile, barren, whole
Rancid redeemer. Virulent deterioration of faith

Sacrilege in persona. In truth, fundamentally twisted
A witness to this savage carnage. A frenzy of animosity
The will to mutilate. Dominant deviation
The worship of the sick and degenerate will spread

Conception derived from misconceptions
The dimensionless features of truth
Silence in the core of undoing
Untie its knots and set it loose

The inertia of my existence is clear
Premutations of slaughtered worlds
I alone will behold the dying sky
A servant of eternity

Progress finally, emergence of doom complete
Here only to reverse the flow of life
Nothing Lyrics
- Nothing -
Lacerating pains of degeneration speed through your trembling mind
Still, in machine-like strife you gain another mile
The temporary elusive goal; To reach the solace, to feed once more
upon the synthetic reaper of loss. No matter the outcome. No matter the cost

Cold and stinging needs tearing through the halls
of your defiled, fleshmade temple with its closing walls
Still you claim the worshipper's pose and you bow. You kneel

Control; once superior, now a docile pet at chaos' feet
Pulling the leash as it trails the scent to where all hurt recedes
Your past a blurry patch in mind. Your future once; now thin dreams filed
Toward the lights of need you strive - To drink into your vein the shine

Beaten to the unforgiving ground. Lashed into submission
- By the inner starving demon. By its unrelenting hand
Still you claim the worshipper's pose and you bow. You kneel to the syringe

Answering only to authorities of sedation. Their calls the only ones heeded
A worn out soldier touched by their contagion. A battered drone at their feet
You're the one betrayed. An outcast set afire by your inner war
Your burning self so far astray. A combustion fanned from within your core
Rational Gaze
Squint your eyes to see clearly. Blur reality to make it real
Let focus go from your deceiving eyes to know what's been concealed
We've all been blinded - Subjects to visual misinformation
A systematic denial of the crystalline

Our light-induced image of truth - Filtered blank of its substance
As our eyes won't adhere to intuitive lines
Everything examined. Separated, one thing at a time
The harder we stare the more complete the disintegration

To see the fine grain, to read the hidden words
The context of parallel truth - Devoid of fragmentation
Eyes re-opened, susceptible
Reasoning focalized. Receptors activated

Perspectives distorted
The ladder beyond our grasp
The twin-headed serpent forever hidden
Where's the true knowledge
Where engines of the sane & insanity merge
the clarity, the unity

Reality untouchable, transparent, invisible
to our fixed, restricted fields of vision
Existence taken for granted, absolute
Uncomprehended by our content minds

Possessed, owned, run, controlled
by the common sense-infected rational gaze
Onward forever we walk among the ignorant
Never stray from the common lines
Perpetual Black Second
Trapped in a ceaseless fever of spite,
an unending fit of resentment and anger
Caught in a moment of unforgiveness
In the snapshot of a hatefilled second

The speedless flickering of uncomprehending eyes
-Dialated in disbelief
Your vacant gaze distorted
Twisted in its accusing glare

Teeth glimmering in emotional rage
Spit of hate suspended mid-air
Bodies strained in fury
Devoured by jaws of despair

One single image frame I wish to forget
now replayed in succession of millions
The one second I will always regret
-My hell found in its reiteration

Held within the visualization,
the continuous rerun of my own violence
A fraction of time perpetuated
By my regretful soul animated

Please forgive the evil in me
-The darkness within
Ferocious, inherent demon
Adrenaline gland resident

Threatened subconscious snake
Repressed into striking coil
Surfacing that black second
Ascending with the boil
Closed Eye Visuals
Unbound to the pale and lifeless day by the multicoloured, multiform
A spinning antidream unthought. -Exceeding the obsolete reality
Overheated inner shape-generator. Blowing every cerebral fuse
Insanity filtered and systematized. -Feeding the tools of mind abuse

Mind-signal transmission peaked, distorted, bent, unrestrained
Neuroreceivers shortcircuit. System parameters over-gained
Nervethreads decoding the stream of the reality-inverting revolution
The patterned untruth of non-dream: The closed eye visual delusion

A frantic cellular race down the switchbacks of mind
-Throttling the existence-engine. A propulsion beyond all limit lines
Convulsive thrusts of septic energy as infected cells collide
Unleashing the video-bacterial disease. -The sinew-conducted pseudo-vision

Mind-signal transmission peaked, distorted, bent, unrestrained
Neuroreceivers shortcircuit. System parameters over-gained
Nervethreads decoding the stream of the reality-inverting revolution
The patterned untruth of non-dream: The closed eye visual delusion

Self unfolds like a disintegrating dream
All revealed but the sinister cause
My lying eyes come apart at the seams
Still how could I ever regret the loss

The self transformed into wave lengths,
-Reverberating this unyielding dream. Lost in this greedy illusion
I'm forever devoured by the closed eye visual delusion

A twirling visual overload - Explosions of terror and beauty
Colors of fear and pain within clash into unanything
A spectra-organic frenzy setting fire to the neuro-highways of mind
Revolving me away from time. A soul now rendered unassigned
Glints Collide
Winds that shine a bright, blinding dark. Kerosene flames so cold they crack
Suns that blow becalmed twisters. Ferocity sleeping. Nothingness stacked
Intestines worn to shield the inward limbs. Screams unheard. Deafening thoughts
Levitating ground. The solid water burns. Liquid stone. The immobile turns

Corrosion soothing the hurt within
Surroundings reaching to touch your skin
Progress in stalemate. Death is alive
Eyes and mind glint - Glints collide

Pains sending shivers of wellbeing down your spine. Sounds of healing crack your bones
Lamentation carving into smiling faces. Surrounded by everyone, still you're all alone
Wormholes set as halos over sinners' skulls. Leaves chasing the fallen air away
A lifetime of needle-eyes too wide to escape, where honesty lies and angels betray

Incisions mending the wounds within
Surroundings breach the surface of your skin
Progress in static. Life has died
Eyes and mind glint - Glints collide

Reincarnation trapped in a life span.
Corpses bolted to the ground arise
Omnilights flooding your world with their darkness
as your reflection turns its back to your eyes

You've entered your self-created antiparadise
Your universe processed and tapped in jars
Neverending insanity
Down in the hell of mind, where glints collide
Organic Shadows
The glued-on sheet of self control. The ply of sense, of sanity
-Cracking at the seams. Torn from my reality
The motion of thoughts subdued. Overcome, suppressed by terror
The mouth of fear overfed by dread beyond measure

Pounding waves of overload running through my every nerve
Will reduced to nothingness. My system overturned
My mind resigns to defeat. Internal razors activated
-Slashing trough unprocessed thought. The severance of self complete

Heartbeats hammering at the sight
A revelation to wrap my soul in fear
Blinded by the neverlight
as I stare into my organic shadow

The bin of repressed emotions crammed
Limits of pain by far exceeded
I stare into the blank
the mantra of dead silence repeated

Hear me
Find me
Save me
The dead me

This hell of vacuum abound
with the chanting whispers of the mute
Exposed to the wrath of neversound
-The words of my organic shadow
Straws Pulled At Random
What solace lies in the arms of fate
-The ill embrace of uncertainty
When did I leave this in other hands
-To be pulled down at chance

Ripped away by destiny-claws
Am I another of fate's possessions
Dwelling the lie of freedom
Just another straw pulled at random

Reclaimed by deceiving time
A silent judgement I can not overrule

Drawn back into the origin-vortex
Uprooted and ground to dust
Retracted into anti-existence
A magnet repelled by life's polarity

Denied the self control of fate
we flow suspended in semi-life
Until the ever imminent day
when oblivion claims our breath

Nowhere indefinitely
Not dead, not alive
Existence-patterns ripped of symmetry
as will and fate divide

Have I appeased the gods of fate
Am I allowed another day
Must I die to escape
the scanning eyes of death
Stroboscopic contorsion-assault. Lightbulb language translated into fits
Codes of tendon-flickers I can't grasp. Focus lost as I writhe and twitch
Random beats of blinding shockwaves. Erratic suns that twist my eyes
Flashes pounding at my thoughts as the intrinsic pains multiply

Muscle and tissue twined with every violent lash
Battered by an unrelenting shine
Immobilized by the increasing pains,
the procreating agonies of system breakdown

Lightwave frequency body-oscillation. Undeciphered motions pass through my flesh
Bodily reverberation induced. A corporeal system lost in its waves
Bleached into their existence by tremulous epileptic strokes
Blasts of irregular pulsar-radiation -Triggering the process of mind and body control

Lost to their control
A sentence - in flashes told
Enticed by their calls; - Insane, divine

Torn, undone, dissolved
By incandescent gods condemned,
Burned. Their mark on my soul
To my inverted shadow confined

Twisted, spun. Vertebras and spinal column unaligned
Joints shattered and torn apart. Spasm-rendered distortion
Organic spiral. Stretched and torn into a new creation
A wordless thing, a thingless word. Lightborn malformation
Drowned in this screaming silence
Embraced by shadows, they tear me
The wormholes free my eyes

The blood boils - it knows
My thoughts burn as minds liquify, vaporize
Reality scorched by this fixed state

All beginnings slain by ends
I seep down into the black to breathe

Drifting to merge with the past
My tounge licks the residue of the future

Bitter taste, the wombs of claws call me
Filth rips them open. The stillborn start to move
Lidless eyes twitching beneath a sheet of rot
They reach out, they want to kiss - It matters not

In dreams it speaks to me of the truth that means reality
Lyrics Chaosphere
- Chaosphere -
 A stale organic cage. Incarceration
I'm in the stranger: Me
The user of my face; Beneath its guise I rot. A paradox in terms
Interconnected, fused. My words are its thoughts
I now share my self with my reflection
Straining to divide our twined formation. Duality within singularity
Coalescence done, the merging complete, the sentence carried out
The confluence, our interwound flows; Surges not to be fused
In this mental cage we absorb our selves. The only certainty is my suffering
My mind in constant pleas for an end to this concatenation
A struggle all in vain, we're both the same
Plug me in, reconnect me to my self
Plug me in, reconnect me to my soul
Gone are all my hopes, all my vain illusions
Deceived I dwell in me. In the core of my agony
I fade in this duress. I'm weakening
The one who claimed my front is now the claimant of my soul
Into the core of self, the neuro-axis, I fade within the fading core of self I am...
Gone-bound, lost, away, phased out, non-existing
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
I'm a carnal, organic anagram. Human flesh instead of written letters
I rearrange my pathetic tissue. I incise. I replace. I'm reformed
I eradicate the fake pre-present me. Elevate me to a higher human form
The characters I am, made into a word complete, then I'll be the new norm
Self inflicted fractures. I replace my bones with bars;
Aluminum bleeding oxide; The drug of gods into my pounding veins
My receiving eyes exchanged with fuses; Blindness induced to prevent destruction
Ceramic blades implanted past my ribs to save me from the dues of inhalation
I tear my worldly useless skin. Staples to pin it over my ears
Non-receptive of ungodly sounds - I disable the audio-generators of fear
Hexagonol bolts to fill my mouth, sharpened to deplete the creator of all violence;
Without speech their will be no deceit
Baptized in vitriolic acid. A final touch. A smoothing of features
Completion of the greatest art; To cast the godly creatures
Humans, once astray; Made divine. Stripped of congenital flaws
We're incandescent revelations in a world of darkened forms
Disciples, come join with me to save a failed humanity
Follow the god of cyanide into the new eternity
Behold; A sacrificial rase a cleansing worshipping of pain
The new millennium christ here to redeem all from lies
Corridor Of Chameleons
We're the carriers of a new anomaly; Fold, unfold. Bend, shift color
Always turning our backs to the wind. Deaf to the inner voices screaming
Purpose, profit, act only to gain. Blistered tounges from licking greedward
Taste the enemy. Throw up their means. Swallow the bits that fits your needs
Keep your eyes searching in all directions, scanning for opportunities
Off you go. Begin your climb. Aim for the topmost twig of lies
Put on a shape to pass undisturbed. Pick a color to blend with surroundings
Choose a voice suiting, appropriate for the never benignant purpose
Spin your eyes to read the court. Smoothen your path before the start
Even out, fill the holes with the toxic clay of your rotting heart
A contagious neuro-ego-disease. A virus sticking to liars
We're the self-centered fuel to boost the new strain of fire
Adapting, shifting, lacking opinion. Our numbers exceeding the billions
Everly walking among ourselves down the corridor of chameleons
Continue through the skein of boughs, navigate to keep you straight on track
Make the right ramification-turns. Conceit will be your allied guide
Climb the hierarchy ladders invisibly, veiled by the canvas of putrid dreams
Every obstacle surmountable to the clouded vision you've conceived
Scan the wall of truth for cracks. Your prey: The secrets hiding therein
Feed upon its nourishing intestines to bring you forth in the "game"
With every single step taken on the road of games called success,
there's a fee for every lie
The currency: Your dissolving integrity
Will you make it to the top of the tree? Is the fortune there to be found?
Chameleons are a short-lived breed. Maybe fate will find you dead on the ground
Subdued and repressed. A son of the vortex in faceless progress
Coaxing, tugging, grinding. So elevated, so God
Refit this vessel of confusion to bring the eloquence of the mute
Incorporate this forfeit cause. Assimilate and fake it mine
I bow my head and taste the lies that I'm fed - all to claim my reward
Master and servant. One for all and all for none.
Ignorant to the distant hymns of chaos, the progressive stand before me
Their eyes fixed in the distance, default to conform to the new

They animate me. In confidence I thrive. My reign: supremacy. I speak no word unheard
Re-motivate me. I'm all there is to be. An omnipotent being so complete in my diversity

Ripples race across my eyes. Breaking out in acid sweat
Wills shrivel and crack. Disintegration of my inner self
I find the substance lost. A shed shell of a being of disgust
Done is the cleansing. Complete is the surgery of the soul

Step inside and taste the shackling thoughts that devour all confidence. Realizing I'm lost
Being no more than a mutt with a fake pedigree. Stillborn soul shaped and molded
I can live an eternity in a minute's time. A borrowed talent filled with copied goals
The carcass of hope lies dead beneath the fabric of dreams
Facing the truth within the mirror of souls - ha ha this is what I've become
Always been in this emancipated state. Battered and numb
Just a mindscape fit for illusion to make fear into reign and fulfillment of pain
Kneeling in permanent solitude. The minions of the inside claim me

Re-animate me, cause I was once alive. Defeat smears out my focus. Consciousness subsides
Unmotivated. Beheld by scorching eyes. Infinity stares back at me
The surging darkness coils to strike
The Mouth Licking What You’ve Bled
I’m the shallow, the superficial. I’m the common man
Faithless, narrow minded, indifferent, impassive
A sycophantic leech. Tantamount to disintegrity
I’m the vulture feeding on malignancy

I’m the sin, the lecherous sneering at prostration
I wallow in disease. I rejoice at degradation
I yawn at misery. Spit at others happiness
An advocate of maipulation. I embrace the sickening

I’m the lost. I’m average. I’m common
I’m infection. I’m human. I’m common
A worm thriving in seas of disgust. I’m common
The mouth licking what you’ve bled. I’m common

I’m the pampered degenerate. I indulge my inclinations
The only words to my attention are those that I myself creat
Disorder. Chaos

I debar all order, repudiate all purity. Infatuated by contentment
I laugh at lies. Come behold the sickness in my common human eyes

I’m the greed, the cynic. I’m the indifferent gaze
Mendacity, betrayal. This is not a phase
Ebullient with human filth. Here I am. Here I stay
Flourishing in our disgrace. Blessed be the human way
Come and hear my twisted lies, the way I bend and falsify
A master of deception. User of an untrue smile
A rapist of the truth. Adapting it to fit my cause
I'm the human lie, a sad composition of all things vile

Come and read my tainted lies. Lies
Come see my wretched, tainted mind

Bury, cover up, repress. I betray the people I "possess"
What ever enemy - I'll disable with mendacity
I make my way, extend my ground, I clear my future-path
When it comes to joys, manipulation is my game of choice

How I shine. I ...
The perfect freak. Confide in me
Me... Believe in me

My intentions soon you will see
The sway of my scheme, imposed upon all
Come follow me, my puppets to be
I'll attach my strings, manipulation begins

Sane me
I'm the way, I'm the truth
Gather with me, I'm the future guide

Sane me

Gather with me, Join my ministry
I'm the way, the future guide
I'm the self-acclaimed god of wicked games
Sinister, repugnant bringer of pain
The Exquisite Machinery Of Torture
A sustained static gaze, oblivious to surroundings
Empty, strained, unmoving eyes; Introverted, paralyzed
A burning mass of emotions denied, enraged by years of silencing
An accumulation of feelings suppressed, returning to devour

Bright rays of chaos, generated by subconsciousness
A retribution by own thoughts twisting the mind into fits
Fuelled with pains unveiled. Burning with contamination
Set afire by disowned self-lies - they penetrate the eyes

I... Am I the next. Self inflicted overload
Thoughts returning to think me away
I... Will I be reprieved,
or am I just awaiting the sentence of my exquisite,
internal machinery of torture

The turmoil arises, from the innermost core of denial
Shining streams of putrefaction, reflugent with disease
- in outward motion to redress the balance by retaliation
A terminal journey to relieve cognition of ability
Minds lit like candles, by rejected senses and emotions
Tearing flames, born in mind; Creations of self deception
Strained, not to lose the grip - Humans locked in the new disease
A light by eyes unseen has come to burn us clean

I... Am I the next. Self inflicted overload
Thoughts returning to think me away
I... Will I be reprieved,
or am I just awaiting the sentence of my exquisite,
internal machinery

I sense the bodily facilities - discorporated by the light
All my pleas; denied
By my psychogenical enemy
The inner other me

I’m dead. My shape slowly dissolving
Shadows no longer cast, from this lifeless form that I’ve become

Corporeality fails the grip. Substance now decreasing
Amorphous. Without shape - I'm vanishing. Dematerialized
My own corrosive thoughts - Probes armed with acid tools
Disintegrated, I'm bleached out of reality
Scattered bits internally; My last transparent remains
- floating inanimate objects spinning into my soul
Defeated by my contents. Tables turned, I'm a thought repressed
I'm swallowed into myself. Destination; nothingness
Assembled from dead incompatible pieces. Livid fragments regenerated.
Decomposing bits of organic matter, brought to life, revived.
A liquid, limbless, sickening shape, a faltering semi-floating cluster.
Its sole purpose of creation; To burst the imagination blood-surge.

Defying the mould of human flesh. Smashing the wall of beliefs.
A sight to bring insanity to all dimensional reality.

Carved from thoughts unthought into a graphic, visible delusion of life.
A twisted display of dehumanized features, by cells reflected, refracted.
A frantic dancing of particles, in pathetic attempt at rendering flesh;
Swirling to project the illusion of shape, dimension and mass.

A walking translucent entity. Void, suspended.
Inviolate by all rules, all standards of existence.
An electrified vapor-cloud. A skein of bone and tissue.
An atrocity, a liquid form unshaped to the organic norm.

A mind not filled with thoughts, but a random flickering static.
A soulless creature un-alive; I'm the un-human elastic
- Destroy Erase Improve -
Future Breed Machine
An even strobe, a pulse of flashing hatelights
of synthetic souls hammered into shape
A sign of times, dreams turn into systems
A new way, a new breed implanted in our minds
Here I am in the hand of a sterile hate
The new control I can not wake, I'm not asleep
New intelligence arise in emptied bodies
Turgid flesh tested through eternal spastic fits
Through not known codes mother machine in genocide
Now scorn a dying race
Evolution in reverse
Now it's time for me
Changing, what am I to be
Contorded, an eternity
Programmed to appease you we're symbols of perfection
Humanoids run by your laws: Destroy Erase Improve
Lesson first: Submission, we're docile servant dogs
Our leashes are your limbs computed deep within
Remoted minds controlled our thoughts
No more doubts the new way is here
Disgorged another thousands fakes
That obey to a circuit skein to vacuum
Mechanical thoughts I now conceive
No longer me always to see inanity
Millions to be units like me eternally
Human patterns copied dissected distorted
Completed to fit the machine
The nerve fibres give in to chords to the unknown
See me, be me
Same contents, same machine
The currency of ours no more
Flesh and bone we are to be
Unaware of what we have been before
Evolution in reverse
Now it's time for me
Changing, what am I to be
Contorded, an eternity
Defeated by the new machine

It's time to go into the me below
my morbid self beneath
A peril trip, the last way out,
i spin as i let go in spirals down
the narrow lines passing through my aura
Spit me out into my mind
A journey through disease

I'm behind my cynic eyes
that stare but can not see
the sickness in me... Beneath

I fall in untruthful me,
the essence of my thoughts
swirling in a thousand vows
endless, truthless

What am i this me beneath,
a vain organic lie
that rules me from inside

Immobile, now i bow before reality itself
It's substance moving through my eyes
My life is transferred once suffused upon
my mind, the view erases, burns inside
and then another fall

I plunge into a well of lies
A cold perennial flow
The vortex of my soul

Soul Burn
Inner perception trapped in a soul cage
Human wreckage I leave my liquid face
Who am I, senses blurred, who's my mind, in this life obscured

Visual progressions leave me no peace
Subliminal merger clutch the fence of needs
What's there in desperation, what's real
Flawless confusion

Void of emptyness reign my truth
Before my eyes flashes of youth
Memory-nuances pass, where's my life, frayed pictures mass
Insidious deception feelings fade
Ravenous mirrors I praise the blackened day
What am I to reality, what's in line, subsequently

Forever turning through a lifetime endless burning of soul and mind
Step by step I'm taken through the past to burn in fear of lies
I'm lost mouldering, oblivions grasp makes my soul burn

This astray mind has sieged my soul
Forever chained to this tearing cold
I'll never tell the truth from lies
Disbelief covers my eyes, Im lost mouldering
Perpetual pain in this soul burn

Pieces to me strange, wrapped up in disguise
Reflections of myself in another life

I see it vague before my eyes
Pictures drawn of naked bare lies
It makes no sense to live this mess
Constant until I find my rest
Enemy within a soul in flames
Gaining its pulse breeding inside
Pressure increase drowns my belief
As I unveil myself in me


Trapped in a gaze where time stand still
Connected to a blur, sensations deformed
We are to drown just to become
another set of eyes among the millions

Enchanted we fade selecting illusions
Dwellers of the scene, a new world obsessed
Gods of displays, divine screens
radiate us now, your blessing

Down, kneel to shields of glass, to the sovereign
Bleed for the entity of wavelengths

Transfixed yet eyes glowing with delight
Delusions of omniscience bred us by liars
Mentally drained by the growing leech
fed on our manic desire

Oceans of sewage continual
Washing into our minds
Drowning in wasted integrity
with eyes too open to see vanity

Engulfed in super fiction fields
What are we when the false pictures dissolve

Caged within a twilight world
Devoid of own self made thoughts
Stare blind...


Convalescent livid we succumb
Stagnation now complete
This is the new plague called unconsciousness
We're selfcaged in defeat
Clotted minds coagulate
We are trapped inside the tears
We obey, resignate to our self-inflicted fears

Voices calm will be never heard
In this mode who will change
Bantised in our minds so absurd
Is this the world sublime
Into pools of paranoia we're fading with reality
Drained by lies we are all inhuman,
introspective vanishing

Sterile thoughts now upraised in subhuman majesty
Bodies numb still enchained
Where am I, in hell of our dreams

Wrong wrong i'm in the now the vain reality

So it seems we're dying yet content
Worship our chrysalis stage
Since when are lies divine
Since when

This is now degrade indulge
This is us servile obliging

Swallowed by our hunger for mendacity
as this dance whirls deeper into hate
We're vanishing

In down deep, cold where am i
Caught caged trapped not in dreams
Now time has killed our eyes
Fall, fade, gone, dead, away


Acrid Placidity (Instrumental)


Inside What’s Within Behind
I can't run away from the thing in me
I'm weakening down another now developing within

I can feel it it's inside my head
Connected to my brain this other me is slowly taking over
Deep beneath the eye that all can see
Energetic visions of the one I know myself to be

Look into my eyes
Don't listen to their lies

How can i stop this from being real
No my life will be no longer what it always used to be

Life neglected, infected by strain
I fall into the smothering the even flow of ravaging pain
This my temple of selfcaged contempt
A body slowly pierced by inevitable me

Do i differ from yourself
Am i like they say, the truth eventually
I'm the one you wanna be
Can you feel the same as I, another inside
Pushing to free itself from the chains of the soul

Turn your eyes toward the inside
Dig deep within i'm sure you'll find
A different self a different soul
To put you in peace with mind
Terminal Illusions
I don't need religion, God bless no one
Me and my own opinions are written by me
You surrender under mass hypnosis
Bound to illusions produced by your god

Who is humane, real, alive
No God

I see your blindness erase your identity
Your mind is hollow, carved to inability
I know to be loyal to myself
My integrity leaves myself
alone in peace with me

God, there's no God
Life is a trap
Unlock your mind
Trust in yourself

Wake from the grip of the tongue
you've been choked, oppressed
God owns, God cheats, God lies,
God hates, God kills, God slays

The pressure on humanity has risen beyond control
We are leading evolution into termination
The sense of hate inbreeding scars to innocence
Genetic prejudice, a selfdestructive line in pain

Why this reality
Life poured into inanity
Suffer In Truth
Tortured soul ripping skin into ashes
blind by pain, deaf by lies
Smell of freedom violently cuts forgiveness,
power to a being never dies
Suffer in truth's narrow passage saw
Weak solutions stabbed to not know
the smile of obliterations face

Penetrating through the void of life
A dance with the dead
Buried in oblivion stolen from the mind
Constant starving never fed

Contaminated life is fading
laughing in my face
Suffer in deception, manipulated not to feel
Slain beliefs, abandoned dreams, a life of misery

Suffer in truth

The wounds of a soul in pain, a mirror of life
Dreams all in vain
Life will always be sealed

I see... unseen
I feel... unseen

Suffer in truth
Back again within myself
Asleep but aware i'm lost again
Every time i close my eyes
I enter the dream to which i'm strained
A sudden change into a stage
where life is dust and everything flow
Circling above swirling seas
of eyes upraised toward the unknown

Vapour masques in the leaden air
unleashed by death in a grubby dawn
Vacant faces reflecting sorrow
hidden inside senses disowned
A maze of glass shattered by thoughts
of a faltered soul freed in bliss
Clouds disperse revealing shades
tempting my soul i can't resist

A vision of morbidity of ragged silent shadows
dressed in black disease
They're closing up on me, peering lifeless weary eyes
They drag me down intoanother world inside of me

Paralyzed by the view
Hypnotized let me wake

Mesmerized by the flames as i return
into myself
A slow conversion, a silent change
I wake into the brightened day
- None -
I'm the concrete leper, sickness repulsion embodied
But hear the sermon escaping my vermin mouth
You might even stay with me in the dirt
I'm soaked in putrid sewage risen from empty words
To you a legion of nausea, i'm your sins i'm your crown of thorns
I've seen the blood of generations
The ravenous mouth called system
We're all shaped by vulgar hands
The grip of hate and lies
The sustenance to our bellicose ways
An ignorance almost justified
As the gap of humanity friction grows
The skull of life - lobotomized
Hear me, i'm ignominy
There's no renaissance in bleeding - no
I've flown a million minds, black in despair
The liquids of uncertainty spit into their eyes
Our flesh embedded in counters of iniquity
It seems like we are all just merchandise not civilized
No words we adapt in our silence paralyzed
To changes erasing our last denial lines
Attitudes crucified, still we're going on
Crawling toward submissive suicide
Noone knows the soul of tears and why can't we see human indignity
Who will laugh at the growing suffering, the bleeding rapidly breeding, increasing
The clock is ticking on before us constantly running
Hypnotized, energized by naivety
Take a pick at random choose our future to be
Crawling in the mess of stupidity
We won't hear when we're dead and gone
We trust in lies or a fake paradise
Are we blinded til' the bitter end
Decided or maybe very misguided
Travelling through endless times inside of nothingness
Reaching for a new belief in vain, insane
Our molded lifes an ever catatonic flow
We're rejected ever more by lucidity
Why, strange, why
Why change
Why not suicide
No, strange, no
No change
No not suicide
With ears that are shut to the inner voice
We're giving in to the shattering
Tell me how can we take it
Tell me why are we here
Hanging in the balance of deceit and blasphemy
Paralyzed in sightless drains
Ignorant and still no panic
Is there no way to be free
No why me not us why not
Blind, strange, blind
Blind, change
Blind suicide
Damn, faith, damn
Damn lies
I - alone i fill myself with everything I have
See into my empty face
Scarred, I know I'll never be
You're all the power in my fucked up feelings
Worn out by frayed old visions, I know I am you too
So I wear your mission, mark my every step
And I choke my lonely breath so I can bear my seed
Slay - well I do know my hand
Obey - I look into myself
Crawling ragged in my brain, i'm no enemy to me
 I am the hate you made of flesh and blood
I am the man you ate now left to sour
Embark my solitude, fill up with pain
Beloved enemy you never betray
I know you, still I pay
Simple way - go insane
I don't beg, never I choose
Will I ever, i'm still you
Chaos is the way you drain me into be you
Last traces of the me, converted by your reign
Merge into an indigestible pestilent trip
Seasons of infinity, inhabitant of pain
Incorporeal sense, can't resist what I need - spirits to release my power
Reckon i'm beyond recuperation, swallow every hour
Here I stand in the middle of my entity - revile my head
You're all I have and I ask your feelings - ritual, ritual
Hand in hand, back to back
Yearning to obey
See, I go insane
Me, your only friend
I, never run away
Hate, you're all I ever have
You know I am seeing your realm at my bed
Our love never ending, you run my head
See I was made for you, roll my mind away
Embedded in hate - you're all I have
Gods Of Rapture
I feel torn apart, a vile misfit fallen
Deep into affliction of my hollow mind
The sense of suffocation grows inside my lungs
When I wake into truth i'm back among the blind
The truth of lies disenchanting my eyes
How can I survive, I can't stand being alive
Gods of rapture enshrouding my eyes
A try to hide that slowly I die
My past laugh at me from the other side of negation
Untying the lasting few cords of common sense
Submerged into the flow, the rapids of addiction
Too weak to push it back, a worm without defence
My flesh fading, undressing the bones
Behold me naked, cadaver exposed
This my abuse, I can't take it no more
The fragile truth sneering at me with teeth pressed
Like thrusting nails into my head
All my life I regret
Aztec Two-Step
- Contradictions Collapse -
Paralyzing Ignorance
Hear mourners
The earth is gasping for air
Sneering at this thoughtless ravage
If we don't wake we'll massacre ourselves
Sneaking skullduggery slaughter the lungs of humanity
Spreading devastation through this world
A price we never can pay
Dethrone the impassive governments
No more of this dupery
Pollution of environment
Stop this now before it's too late
Mouldering world, you're dying slowly piece by piece
All the riches you've created
will soon be laid destroyed
Dethrone the impassive governments
No more of this dupery
Pollution of environment
Stop this now before it's too late
People, obey your eyes
We can't repair when it's all destroyed, no way
Dupery, approaching death
Tomorrow falls
Paralyzed by ignorance
The cemetary plans continue
A tremendous trepidation
Perfidious annihilation - All in vain
Erroneous Manipulation
An inwrought irksome rabbit is washing my stomach
I can't stop thinking about my tonsils,
how they pendulate between my toes slowly suffering from liberty
I'm naked on a tv-set and it's running wild,
fast, sweet and heavy penetrating into my
grand parents pupils, out of reach but
with a canoes evil emotion
Alright, I can admit it now
I was a screaming and lying stone operation
who searched his way through carparts
afraid to be recognized by a spoon
Birds with empty refridgerators
heated up the childrens chair sweat
There was no chance to drive the table
without a blue sock because my mistakes rolled
down above the forest of investigation
As soon as I heard my neighbour bend his arm
with a submarine the milk was hot and dangerous
like a bed
Nobody understands how wipewashers can breathe cows
Farting magazines are wading in waxed scarecrows
Falling flesh punched me in my bathsuit look alike neck
which controls universe with an irongrip of umbrellas
I'm wiping away some mirrors from the snakes
without drinking any bus stations
Sorry, I'm in love with a door
Abnegating Cecity
Your words such unessential lies
Refract my barred up eyes
You all tell me I'm confined
in my "shell of hallucinations"
So try and make me realise
Break my secure enclosure
Just try and I know you'll make me laugh
To hell with your damn comprehension
You belabour me for past and present mishaps
as if I had the might of alteration
You've had your trips into my brain, I know you begrudge
Now let me leave for my amenity

So you see, you whitecoated freak
I don't need your allegations
Instead join me to sanity's end
with my sweet needle of salvation

Increasing needs of my only friend
The one I trust
He runs in my veins
Hides me away under his soothing crust

Madness reigns
You're no longer in charge of my alluring illusions
that takes me wherever I want
My malnutriated malice rises strong and makes me the ruler of
earth, wind and fire
as reality fades, I'm a king on clouds
The selfpity no longer runs in my veins I'm a
  malevolent revelation please let me stay, give me more

Left out, dragged down into emptyness
Drowning in floods of misunderstanding
  Why do you all look aside,
You're ripping my dignity away
Inside identity is leaking out
  Realization is catching up on me
My needs bashes false immortality
into my affected being...chaos

Cravings of delight
slowly eats my soul
Trapped within myself
Defraying my own lies
Bewalling my demise
Deep penury...internally

I feel marred by errors, can't you see
my desires are calling for me
The sovereign of abnegations,
swings his feelers for a new relation
Come, mesmerize my oppressive mind
Tear apart these vehement cravings
Give me something to live for, bring me back
from my purgatory of obsessions

Increasing needs of my only friend
The one I trust
He runs in my veins
Hides me away under his soothing crust
Internal Evidence
This could've been a good day to enjoy how life can be
But instead I wake up in myself
Look down ashamed to understand that we ignore insanity
We can't wait for the problems to solve themselves

What the fuck happens here - Nothing
Slovenry, damn savagery - React
We're slowly drowning in our own mistakes - Deeper
Drowning, breathing underwater - Death

I wish I felt much better, feels like I'm dying inside
By murdering this world we'll all commit suicide
Search my mind for reasons to this uncured depression
This void of emptyness prevails

What the fuck happens here - Nothing
Slovenry, damn savagery - React
We're slowly drowning in our own mistakes - Deeper
Drowning, breathing underwater - Death

Will someone help me
You know it yourself, nobody gives a damn
Why - Because our dreams are left behind

Numbed pain, I'm null, feeling ill... Internally
Truth gone, lies here, crushed life... Don't interfere
I'm trapped, wiped out, I'm dead...Eternally
Mind closed, torn soul, life ends...I'm dying here

What am I doing here on this earth. Why am I still awake, has someone heard
What brought me here to this false humanity
Why am I bound to this deranged deformity

I'm dying here
Qualms Of Reality
Redundant cruelty
Children are shoveled into enclosed solitude
in lack of value cause by minor defects
Each one an unsuitability
Outside the publics field of vision

Left to die on a bed of concrete
While the rich swallows ostentation
Distorted minds screaming for consolation
The vanity of convenience rules the world

Locked up
Who cares about rights
So what if the world's a bit rude
The prosperous pay to keep it concealed
Leaving problems untouched because of fear

Abondoned lives
Hundreds in a room, staring with empty swollen eyes
Mutilated possibilities
Enslaved by insanity

The belligerent arrogance of the leaders
strangles the subjecteds right to a childhood of safety
Nightmares but for real forever engraved
in the minds of lost infancies

Shut out from this dying world of calumny
A thousand souls a day flows away with the breeze

Living corpses, breathing lungs filled with disease
Underdeveloped twisted thoughts, trying to understand
Unfairly secluded by the prevailing injustices
that pushes this mentally ill world
over the edge of acceptance

Locked up
Who cares about rights
So what if the world's a bit rude
The prosperous pay to keep it concealed
Leaving problems untouched because of fear

Death inside, without reach - Their freedom
Bound to feel, within - Illness floating
Souls in penury, soon to fade out - Aggravation in charge
Bemoan oppression, extensive carnage behind walls of uncertainty
We'll realise as the floods of insight come down
We'll Never See The Day
Justice run by eternal travesty
Bloodcurdling hammer soon to be released
Stalking brutality tomorrow we will see
the unjustified agony unleashed

Strangling superstitious braces rampage overboard
Remoted deathmasks have no faces
We only see the cord

Lead to pathes and alleys
chosened by a treacherous source
Squeeze the odds down to our last days
to summon up their force

Folded to pernicious chambers pounded by the walls
Disappear noone remembers
Nobody hear our calls

Ruthless saints prey upon us
- The society of friends
They are the wounds we are the pus
no matter how i ends

Maimed and left to putrefy betrayed by society
Indiscreet left to die
Filled with indignity

We will come to grief by this irrational democracy
What's a life worth for humanity
Nothing more than justice by insanity

Utilization, covetousness... a voracious mouth to feed
Fatal greed engraves our death
Chokes our possibilities

We are the children of this devastating science
We are the lost till the end
We are the victims who knows who is lying
Forgotten we are dying

We are dying

We'll never see the day
Vitalize your benevolent thoughts today
Encrust the encumbrance that encroach your brain
A devastated world we'll see in tomorrow's society
Crushed by our own alternatives we've got ourselves to blame

Tons of death's spreading out violent solitude
We obliterate ourselves
Procrastinated measures decrease our chance to save
'cause you've always got something else in mind

The reignes rain of pollution melts our opportunities
conjectural in their comfortable lives
Stupidity's separated by a wall of glass
We have to stop this immediately this fucking mess

Tons of death's spreading out violent solitude
We obliterate ourselves
Procrastinated measures decreases our chance to save
'cause you've always got something else in mind why?

Now it's time to save us

Natures demise
We can't control our accessies
Spreading pollution
We fumble till the end
The end

The water is filled with toxic waste
and the air is filled with shit to breathe
Soon a dismembered world we'll see
We are in deep shit

We have to change this world
Start to communicate
We can't go on like this no

...and all this because of greed

Now it's time to perceive our inauspicious oversight
We're leaning on death against compensation
Are we so afraid to lose our welfare society
that we have to sacrifice ourselves, the earth

Tons of death's spreading out violent solitude
We obliterate ourselves
Procrastinated measrues decreases our chance to save
'cause you've always got something else in mind
Choirs Of Devastation
Melting hands, as in fear they've ruled
but will not anymore
Determination now only a coagulating fluid
burning its pathes down the sad soil

Clouds pregnant with heavy rain
opens up its portals and pour upon earth,
the moist of a lost childhoods
embrace as it boil.

Believe-as you see-the anticipation
lost in mourning choirs of devastation
The aimless glow, we thought would never cease
now groan out its renunciation.

Toxic airwaves throwing their corrosion,
like patternless meshes over consumed ground.
Earth, blindly-stretch out her maimed arms,
only to receive the certainty-there's no help to be found

No one's to blame as streams of equality washes away,
the last traces of humanity's existence.
We just sat, like contented denials as abnegation
took its toll in exterminations' enhance.

We claimed, the dead would open the eyes of the living,
but who's left to exclaim the words-we were right.
Memories of anguish lie as whisper in the heat
Only bareness observe the last remains float out of sight.
Cadaverous Mastication
Here we are to stay
We all can see the purblind day
Assail the cause, defray the ogre, the insubordinates

Restrained to live
Bring me home
Confronting mutants
We are bound to fall

Mortality we see today, defrauds our dreams
Approachable to die
Sliced by their lies
Secured morbidity

Restrained to live
Bring me home
Confronting mutants
We are bound to fall

How many of the judges place a bet on me?
What's there to be?
Moribund irreverence
What's there for us in this deranged society?
Cadaverous mastication

They have saturday
Now it's saturday
They have saturday
Now it's saturday

You are insane
How can you let there be such cruelty
You are insane
Now it's time for you to see

Here we are to stay
We all can see the purblind day
Assail the cause, defray the ogre, the insubordinates

Restrained to live
Bring me home
Confronting mutants
We are bound to fall
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